Post Dated 22 November, 2021

Sad news that Shipmate Harry Armstrong crossed the bar

Post Dated 16 November, 2021

New Photos and information concerning the late

Chief REA Stuart Osmer 

Post Dated 15 October, 2021

Ex shipmate Emile Keane also crossed the bar

Post Dated 14 October, 2021

 More sad news is that Shipmate Stuart Osmer crossed the bar

Post Dated 11 October, 2021

Sad news that Shipmate Dick Riddoch crossed the bar

Post Dated 06 September, 2021

Edward Chittleburgh who edited the Ship's magazine on the Africa cruise crossed the bar.

Post Dated 19 August, 2021

Have to inform you that our ex-Chairman, Robin Smith, has crossed the bar. He will be missed by many shipmates as a strong supporter of the Association

Post Dated 18 March, 2021

See more photographs sent in by Jamie Lashmar of ex  Stoker P.O. George Wheeler

Post Dated 1 January, 2021

Ex shipmate Clive (Godders) Godley crossed the bar a few months ago

Post Dated 28 November, 2020

Sad news received of Chris Robinson's passing. Chris served in 1948

Post Dated 15 November 2020

See photographs sent in by Martin (Jekyll) Hyde's wife. If you were on the 1954 - 56 Cruise they should interest you

Post Dated June, 2020

Ex shipmate Martin Hyde's wife has posted some photos of his time on board the AWI Cruise 1954-55

Post Dated 2 June, 2020

Terry Willey's son has posted a large number of photos from the 1952-53 Cruise

Post Dated 15 May 2020

See the photographs of Midshipman Chris Robinson who served on the

Superb in 1948