Fred joined the Royal Navy in 1936 as a Boy Seaman and served on the Superb between 1951 & 1954 as a Petty Officer and a Commissioned Gunner

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Eleanor Ingalls Fochesato from New Jersey, USA sent in this photo and would like to trace Dental Technician John Stevens she met him when HMS Superb was in Boston, Mass in 1953. She corresponded with him for some while and then they lost touch.  


John was an oppo of Fred Mills (shown in the photo)


Any information please, in the first instance to the Association at



HMS Superb at Sea 1952



Posted May, 2016

We are obliged to both Tony Hacket & Malcolm Milham & Bill Long who are still sending in copies of cartoons rescued from their attics showing the naval humour surrounding various stories of happenings on the cruise.  Perhaps they will bring back memories of the incidents.



Posted April, 2016

Following my time in the Andrew I became a TA Soldier in the Buffs, Royal East Kent Regiment, both the Royal West Kent and Buffs amalgamated in the 60's, today I am the Secretary of the Ramsgate branch of the Association of both Regiments

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On the Messdeck at Christmas.  One of them is Terry Richardson but which one we're not certain



Jon Willshir who served during the British Guiana Incident in 1953 sent in this photo of the Superb Guard.  Click on the link to read Jon's on board recollections of that time

In the photograph of the Guard marching the CPO leading the guard is Charlie Revell the CPOGI and the P.O. leading the left hand column was the 2nd Captain of the FX.  An R.P.1 which might explain why he was more of a human being than others who had their humanity taken away when attending Gunnery schools.. A confirmed P.O. before he was 26 years old was some going.    



Our member Tony Hacket was a member of the Electrical Department.  Among these photos is a newspaper cutting of the embarkation of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in 1953 en route re the famous British Guiana Incident. Tony joined the ship at Chatham when she came back from the W.I. to be at the Spithead Review. He says, "We left Bermuda in a hurry and picked up the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Jamaica. At Georgetown we transferred them the Bigbury Bay as we were too big to get close in. We then returned to Jamaica on standby in case we were needed again. Whilst there played some of the best rugby I had ever experienced ".

Read more about the incident here

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on the appropriate one



You can enlarge the photos by clicking on the appropriate one

HMS Superb docked at Pier 92 in New York. circa 1953.  Photo kindly posted by Phil Grimson


Royal Yacht "Surprise" passing HMS Superb during the Coronation Review in June 1953

These photos were kindly sent in by Lee FOX a Canadian Naval Researcher living in the United States.  Lee has strong connections with the United Kingdom both in the Plymouth area and Scotland.


The photographs are from the Portsmouth Evening News 18th September, 1953

L - R: Lieutenant Michael Musgrave, Captain Robin Graham & Colour Sergeant Archibald Baugh

Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


HMS Superb leaving Basin Number 3

Chatham Dockyard on 5th September, 1952

Photograph courtesy of The Historic Dockyard Chatham


Royal Marines on Parade in New York circa 22 September, 1953



David George William Middleton was born on 13th February, 1918.


He started his career in the Royal Navy in 1937 as a Stoker and changed to the Regulating Branch on 5th December, 1944.


He received a war wound was when  his fingers were caught in a pulley taking the shell up to the guns on HMS Foxhound in April, 1941 during the 2nd Battle of Narvik, He told his son that the good thing was it was not his drinking hand.


He also served on HMS Duke of York & Cleopatra


He was on duty at HMS Pembroke gates on the 12th April, 1951, the night the cadets got killed coming down the hill towards the dockyard,


He served on HMS Superb between 25th May, 1952 until 5th September, 1954.


He was awarded the 1939-1945 Atlantic & Africa Stars, Defence and War medals.


Tony Hacket sent in these photos of Bill Bailey,  and his mess duty rota jottings. Tony & Bill were messmates and subsequently brothers-in-law, on the 1952-53 Cruise.


There are now more photos of Bermuda dockyard and the Rugby celebrations (May, 2016)

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on the appropriate one



Posted by Andy Adams (an ex soldier) on our Facebook site

Purchased this many years ago on Ebay and have just found this page. The box is a Bakelite chest with a stainless plaque stating the following:


H.M.S. SUPERB 1952-1954






Terry and his wife


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