Oppos who have "Crossed the Bar"

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William Edward Bacon

Alan, the son of Bill Bacon, notified us of his father's death via our Facebook page.

Bill served as an Able Seaman on the 1952/53 cruise. 

It is possible that he later served as a Signalman on HMS Ark Royal but we have no dates for that.

6 September, 2018

20 January, 1968

William Bacon

Ted joined up in 1944 as a Boy Seaman at HMS Ganges and subsequently was drafted to the Superb in December 1945 as an A.B. Torpedoman. He was on the 1946 cruise to the Mediterranean and was drafted again in 1947.  Ted has written quite extensively about his time in the Royal Navy and on Board.

Ted Davy

26 November 2017

6 June, 2018

Ted Davy

Albert Meek

Albert joined the Royal Navy on 18th July, 1911 and after basic training at HMS Excellent he served on HMS Superb from 31st July, 1911 until 5th May, 1913. He retired on 4th July, 1926 as a Chief Petty Officer Ordinance. Information supplied by Albert’s great granddaughter who has his Service Sheet.

Albert Meek


POSTED ON 17 December 2018

Pete Tasker

Pete, who was a stalwart member of the HMS Superb (Cruiser) Association, served on board as a Royal Marine during the 1954-55 America & West Indies Cruise. There are many stories to tell about Pete who was much more than a breath of fresh air - more a hurricane force. Sadly missed.

Peter Tasker

16 December, 2018

17 December, 2018
First notified by  Derrick's son in April, 2019 and still waiting for further information


Derrick Thompson

10 Aoril, 2019

Derrick Thompson

Frank White

Frank was an ERA 4 and finished his navy service in November, 1946
POSTED ON 15 April, 2019

Frank White

June, 1996


Terry Willey

Possibly a Ganges boy, Terrence Keith Willey served aboard in 1952 as an LEM. He went on to serve on several other ships and ended his career as a Chief petty Officer. Terry was married in 1952 just before sailing to the West Indies.
Information sent in via Facebook by Terry's son Neil

Terrence Willey

4 January, 1999

3 July, 2019

Eric Pyrke

Eric was an Electrician aboard in 1954. He finished his service as a Chief Petty Officer
19 August, 2019

September, 2001

Eric Pyrke


James Johnstone

James served on the America & West Indies cruise 1954-55 as a Royal  Marine.
He joined the Marines in 1952 and retired as a Corporal in 1965.
Information obtained from James' son Anthony who would love to hear any stories of his dad. 
If you recognise any of the faces in the photograph album please get in touch with this website.


25 DECEMBER, 2001

7 Feb 2020

Louis Consterdine

Louis served on the first commission of the cruiser in 1946. Information posted by Louis' daughter who would love to hear any tales of her dad. Please contact the website in the first instance


13 JULY, 2011

 10 May, 2020

Martin Hyde

Thomas Martin Rochfort Hyde, (known as Jekyll) was an Able Seaman on HMS Superb for the America & West Indies cruise  of 1954/5.
19 June, 2020


12 DECEMBER, 2010


John Gatt

John served on His Majesty's Ships between 1796 and 1815.
He was also aboard HMS Superb for part of that time. We have been notified of his service by his ancestors and await some more information


11 July, 1854

3 November, 2020